Triple Crown

Do you want to accomplish your marketing goals and have fun while doing it? Do you want a turn-key marketing solution that doesn’t require much of your time? Do you want to inspire your team to exceed patient expectations?
The Triple Crown Marketing Campaign is a single marketing campaign designed to accomplish all of your marketing goals.

Benefits of the Triple Crown Marketing Campaign:

Gain viral exposure on social media

Each Triple Crown Marketing Campaign is designed for optimal social media integration by way of its people’s choice voting system. Contestants are encouraged to post to their social media accounts and aggregate votes from friends and family. The contest prize incentivizes contestants to post weekly–even daily–to their social media accounts, drastically increasing community impressions and awareness of your dental practice.

Exponentially increase traffic to your website

Voters in each Triple Crown Marketing Campaign contest will be directed to your website in order to cast their vote for their favorite contestant. Your Triple Crown Marketing Campaign website page is designed with new patient conversion in mind.

Capture information of local, potential new patients

At the end of each Triple Crown Marketing Campaign, we’ll generate a list of every voter that participated in the contest and send it to your office to make prospecting new patients easier than ever.

Improve both team moral and patient satisfaction

When your team is providing superior care, your patients are satisfied and are more likely to refer their friends and families to your office by both word-of-mouth and online reviews. The Triple Crown Marketing Campaign contest incentivizes your team to provide patient care that is above and beyond what is expected of them and brings an exciting, fun energy to your office.



  • Triple Crown has increased the amount of new patients seen at my practice. This was a fun activity to do with my team, and the high return on investment proves that it was worth it.
  • Simple, straightforward, elegant, and customized. The experience was second to none, very logical in their steps.
  • From day one my experience has been exceptional. Through our partnership, my internet reach has increased resulting in more new patients better case acceptance and increased production.


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